The RPCS Preschool 4’s class is raising money to make an animal donation to Heifer International, a global organization that helps families in need achieve self-reliance through sustainable agriculture. To decide what kind of animal to donate, the Preschool class asked for help from their first grade peers across the hall. 

“The Heifer Animal Research projects has given our first grade students an opportunity to be leaders and global citizens.” - First Grade Teachers
With so many animals to choose from – goats, llamas, sheep, pigs, rabbits, geese, honeybees, chicks – the first graders needed to do some research! As part their Literacy learning with Ms. Gerrish, Ms. Spacek and Ms. Villiger, the first grade students used nonfiction books and PebbleGo—an online research database accessed through classroom iPads—to gather information for their Heifer Research Reports. Each student filled out a web of facts to organize the information found about habitat, food, lifecycle, and body. From their webs, students transferred the information to paragraph format, complete with topic and concluding sentences. Each student reviewed her draft with a teacher one-on-one before writing a final report and presenting it to the Preschool class.

“Individually students took great care researching and writing about each animal. Collaborating in small groups they presented this newly gained knowledge to the Preschool students. Sharing these presentations allowed students to develop public speaking skills and act as role models for the Preschoolers. This project was a lot of work and a lot of fun!” - First Grade Teachers
As a community, the Preschool and First Grade decided together through a vote to donate RABBITS to a family in need through Heifer International! To purchase the rabbits, the classes are working together to raise money in their communities.
“The Preschool students were so enthusiastic about this community project that one student went home and opened up a lemonade stand. The student raised $20 for the Heifer Project and brought it into school to put in our piggy bank in our classroom.” – Lucy Haus, Preschool 4’s Teacher
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